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Introduction about baby shoes

Baby shoes Although babies may spend most of their first year lying down or crawling, they still need shoes that are suitable for walking. Baby shoes not only protect your baby's delicate feet, but also help them learn to walk and provide a comfortable walking experience.There are many kinds of baby shoes.Such as:OEM baby Mary Janes,ODM baby Sandals,baby sneakers supplier,sourcing baby boots......Our size range for baby shoes are from infant to Toddler,Detailed from 0-6M,6-12M,12-24M,and they are with nice shape based on our prefect last,comfortable to fit baby’s  small feet.Soft-soled baby shoes are the perfect choice for babies who are just taking their first steps.All our material,such as cotton, PU,sponge,faux suede,leather,faux fur,printing ink,accessories and finished shoes can pass ASTM F963(including small parts,shape point,sharp metal or glass edge),CA65 CASIA(including lead,cadmium,phthalates),16 CFR 1610 Flammability testing.

Classification of baby shoes

Baby mary janes with bow:Suitable for spring,Made of soft PU material for upper and outsole,closure are hook & loop,sock lining is tricot.Consisting of a low heel,single buckle,round toe and stand-up neckline,this elegant shoe offers the stylish baby a touch of vintage appeal and style.they are very comfortable shoes for babies.Since babies often need to take off their shoes and crawl on the floor,the lightweight Mary Jane shoes are easy to put on and take off without straining baby’s foot muscles.

These shoes are generally made of high-quality materials,such as natural leather,satin and cotton,which are very beneficial for the health of babies’ feet.Natural leather conforms well to the shape of the foot,while satin and cotton provide breathability in warmer weather,Also add some decorations to the shoes,such as:flower,bow,3D icon,embroidery,button,lace......Pls make your baby to wear the mary janes to touch the beautiful spring.

Soft baby Sandal:Suitable for summer,The material of baby sandals is usually made of comfortable, breathable, soft and environmentally friendly materials. Common materials include cotton, leather, canvas, and synthetics. Cotton is a common material choice because it is soft and breathable, helping to keep your baby's feet dry and comfortable. Leather is another commonly used material, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also has good durability and elasticity to protect your baby's feet from the outside environment. Canvas is a lightweight material suitable for summer or warm weather with good breathability and flexibility.closure are hook &loop,Sock lining are cotton or PU,Because of the baby's feet are prone to sweating, so the material of the shoes should be cotton, leather or mesh with good air permeability to keep the feet dry.In addition, the non-slip sole design of the sandals can provide extra safety protection to prevent your baby from slipping while walking. Pls make your baby with sandals to feel the cool water in Summer.

Leather baby Sneakers:Suitable for autumn,Some of sneakers are made of cotton,metallic PU,glitter PU,leather,faux suede for upper and canvas non skid for outsole, sock lining is tricot These fiber fabrics are the best choices. These materials are breathable, reducing sweat and odor from your feet. They provide optimum adaptation to your baby's feet, reducing possible friction,pressure. good elasticity and durabilit ,At the same time, these materials are also easier to care for, parents can easily clean and sanitize baby shoes, keeping them clean and hygienic.Baby sneakers have adjustable velcro or elastic straps, which can be flexibly adjusted to the shape of your baby's feet, providing better comfort and protection.bring baby with sneakers to pick the fallen leaves in Autumn, 

Warm baby boots:Suitable for winter,they are ideal for babies during the colder months or when they are outdoors. This shoe has a unique material and function, which can protect the baby's feet, provide comfort and warmth. The material of baby boots is very important, usually soft, warm and breathable materials. Common materials include wool, sheepskin, leather and synthetic materials.Wool is a classic baby boot material that offers excellent insulation and breathability to keep your baby's feet warm and dry in cold weather. Sheepskin is another common material choice, and it's soft and snug for extra warmth and comfort. Leather is a durable and resilient material that protects your baby's feet from the elements.also add  The role of baby boots is mainly to protect the baby's feet and provide comfort and warmth.Also add some decorations to the shoes,such as:flower,bow,3D icon,embroidery,button,tassel......Also add some decorations to the shoes,such as:flower,bow,3D icon,embroidery,button,lace.Pls make your baby wear the warm boots to play with the snow in winter.

In conclusion, baby shoes are an important accessory in your baby's walking development, providing them with protection, support and comfort. Choosing the right shoes for your baby's age and season will help your baby develop healthily while allowing them to feel comfortable and free as they learn to walk. Let's prepare a proper pair of baby shoes for your baby and witness every step of their growth!


Advantages of our company baby shoes

1.20 years of experience,safe material ,professional machines  

2.We can assisant on design to achieve price and safe purpose

3.The best price to help you get your market

4.Delivery time is usually 30 to 60 days after  sample confirmation and deposit

5.MOQ is 1200 PCS per size.

6.We located in Ningbo city which is very close to Shanghai

7.Factory Wal-mart certified 

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Advantages of our company

Realever Enterprise Ltd. is a company with a huge line that covers baby and kids products( infant and toddler shoes, baby socks and booties, cold weather knit items, knit blanket and swaddle, bibs and beanies, kids umbrellas, TUTU skirt, hair accessories and apparels ). After more than 20 years work and developping in this field, we can supply professional OEM for buyers and customers from different market based on our excellent factories and  technicist.We provide free design service according to your requirement and our best price to help you get your market.We welcome customers’ designs and ideas and we can make perfect samples for you .

Satin baby mary janes,Metallic PU baby sandals,baby sneakers with flower ,baby boots with pom pom ,baby plush animal shoes ect. are exported all over the world, especially Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

Our factory is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, close to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Keqiao, Yiwu and other places. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient.

For your needs, we can provide the following services:

1. For all your inquiries, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours

2. We have a professional team to recommend products and services for you and introduce problems for you with a professional attitude.

3. We will recommend to you according to your requirements.

4. We provide OEM service and print your own logo.In the past years, we built very good relationship with buyers from USA, and did more than 20 excellent items and program. With enough experience in this field, we can work out the new items very fast and make them perfect, this helps buyer to save time and rush the new items to the market at quickest time.We sold to Walmart,Disney,Reebok,TJX,Burlington,FredMeyer,Meijer,ROSS,Cracker Barrel..... And we OEM for brands Disney, Reebok, Little Me, So Dorable, First Steps...

5. We have very experienced engineers who can help you assisant on design.

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How to choose a pair of comfortable shoes for your baby?

Choosing comfortable shoes for your baby is critical to their foot health and development. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right baby shoes. First, make sure your shoes are the right size. Your baby's feet are growing rapidly, so choosing the correct size is very important. Measure the length of your baby's feet and refer to the size chart to choose the right shoe size. Make sure there is some room in the length of the shoe so that your baby's toes can move freely. Second, choose materials with good air permeability. Babies' feet tend to sweat easily, so choosing shoes with good ventilation can help keep feet dry and comfortable. Soft leather or cotton are good options, as they allow air to circulate and reduce moisture build-up on the feet. Third, choose soft shoes. Your baby's foot bones and muscles are still developing, so choose soft shoes that provide enough flexibility and support. Avoid hard or irritating shoes, as they may cause discomfort for your baby's feet. In addition, the soles of the shoes also need attention. Choose soft, non-slip soles that provide enough grip to help your baby stabilize their gait and prevent falls. Check the material and texture of the soles to make sure they provide good grip on different surfaces. Finally, pay attention to the design and details of the shoe. A good shoe designer will take into account the characteristics of the baby's feet, such as shoe shape, shoelace or Velcro design. Choosing shoes that are easy to put on, take off and adjust can save time and effort and ensure your baby's comfort. It's worth noting that your baby's feet can deform a bit as they grow, so it's important to check shoe size and fit regularly. If the baby complains of uncomfortable feet or the shoes are worn out, it is necessary to replace them with new shoes in time. In short, choosing a pair of comfortable shoes for your baby should consider factors such as size, material, sole, design, and regular inspections. By choosing the right shoes, your baby's feet will be well supported and protected, promoting healthy foot development and a comfortable walking experience. Remember, providing comfortable shoes is essential to your baby's foot health.

Some related questions and answers about our company

1. Q: Where is your company?

A: Our company in Ningbo city, China.

2. Q: What do you sell?

A: The main products include: all kinds of baby products item.

3. Q: How can I get a sample?

A: If you need some samples for testing, please pay the shipping freight for the samples only.

4. Q: How much is the shipping freight for samples?

A: The shipping cost depends on the weight and packing size and your area.

5. Q: How can I get your price list?

A: Please send us your email and order information, then I can send you the price list.

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