Baby Swaddle Set

Comfort and peace of mind are the most important things for newborns. Baby swaddle blankets are a practical and warm option to provide the best care for your baby.Baby blankets can mimic the environment in the womb, giving them a familiar sense of pressure and calming their uneasiness.

From REALEVER ,you will find many kinds of baby swaddle blankets for Spring,Summer and Autumn ,these blankets are not only warm but also very soft.

We have different kinds of material for them to match different market and requirement.Baby blankets are usually made of skin-friendly and soft natural materials.  Popular material such as:cotton,bamboo,rayon,muslin and so on. You can even find certified organic swaddle blankets that are free of toxins.that do not contain any harmful substances and will not irritate your baby's delicate skin.All our materials can pass CA65,CASIA (including lead, cadmium,Phthalates ), 16 CFR 1610 Flammability Testing.

The baby swaddle blanket is not only suitable for family use, but also can be an excellent tool when traveling. They are lightweight and easy to carry and can provide extra warmth for your baby when outdoors, traveling, or visiting friends and family. Whether in a car seat, in a stroller, or in a baby sling, baby blankets create a safe and warm place for your baby.

Baby cardigan size from  New Born baby to Toddler ,and we have different items for them ,such as infant swaddle blanket ,infant swaddle set,swaddle and hat set .....You can use headwrap,hat,socks,shoes to match these swaddle blanket and make them as a gift set.

We can print your own logo and offer OEM services.In the years before, we developed many strong relationships with American customers and produced a lot of top-notch goods and services. With sufficient expertise in this area, we can produce new products quickly and flawlessly, saving customers' time and hastening their launch into the market.Retailers who bought our products included Walmart, Disney, Reebok, TJX, Burlington, Fred Meyer, Meijer, ROSS, and Cracker Barrel. We also provide OEM services for brands like Disney, Reebok, Little Me, So Dorable, and First Steps.

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