Kids Umbrella

Kids umbrella is a kind of rain gear specially designed for children to protect them and keep them dry on rainy days. They usually have a colorful and cute appearance to attract children's attention.In addition to being functional, children's umbrellas also have a certain degree of fun, making children feel happy and fun during use.From REALEVER,you will find many kinds of umbrellas.such as:kids 3D animal umbrellas,allover printing umbrellas,kids clear umbrellas,kids collapsible umbrellas and kids frosted umbrellas.....


All umbrellas can pass CA65,CASIA (including lead, cadmium,Phthalates ),We also can do digital printing,screen printing and machine printing.All our material ,printing ink pass ASTM F963( including Small parts,Sharp point,Sharp metal or Glass edge ).


The appearance of children's umbrellas is very attractive. They often adopt cartoon or animal designs, such as animated characters, bears, ducks, etc. These cute images and colors make children interested in umbrellas and willing to use them. Children will love choosing a favorite umbrella for themselves, so that on rainy days they can happily run and play without getting wet from the rain.


Children's umbrellas have good functionality. They are usually made of waterproof materials that effectively repel rainwater and keep children dry on rainy days.the size and weight of children's umbrellas are also carefully designed to be suitable for children. Their handles are usually small and easy for children to hold without inconvenience.



Children's umbrellas also have a certain degree of safety. This is one of the biggest concerns for parents. In order to ensure the safety of children, children's umbrellas usually have to meet certain standards during the design and manufacturing process, such as the use of environmentally friendly materials, non-slip handles, and no sharp edges. This reduces the risk of injury to children when using the umbrella.


Children's umbrellas are one of the necessary rain gear for children on rainy days. Not only are they functional and help keep children dry, they also bring fun and joy to them. Parents can choose a suitable children's umbrella according to their children's preferences and needs, so that they can enjoy happiness and safety on rainy days.


We can print your own logo and offer OEM services.In the years before, we developed many strong relationships with American customers and produced a lot of top-notch goods and services. With sufficient expertise in this area, we can produce new products quickly and flawlessly, saving customers' time and hastening their launch into the market.Retailers who bought our products included Walmart, Disney, Reebok, TJX, Burlington, Fred Meyer, Meijer, ROSS, and Cracker Barrel. We also provide OEM services for brands like Disney, Reebok, Little Me, So Dorable, and First Steps.


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